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What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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“Smooth, Fast, and Informative!”

Odd Brothers: The Best House Buyers in Dallas Ft. Worth - Smooth, Fast, Informative
- Kasie & Ashton

A very honest and trustworthy gentlemen.

Tang helped me through a very difficult situation when I had no one to turn to.  He came up with plan and guided me along the way. He was able to stop the foreclosure on my house just hours before my house went to auction.  He insisted that I move in with my daughter, who I haven’t spoke in years.  Since then, my daughter and I have rebuilt our relationship and I get to enjoy watching my granddaughter grow up.

He’s a very kindhearted person.

Mr. Nguyen saved my kid’s Christmas!

I had 2 rental properties where the tenants stopped paying rent for a few months and I was behind paying the loans on the 2 properties and receiving Notice of Default letters.

Not only did Tang buy the 2 houses with troubled tenants, he did it right before Christmas as promised, so that I could buy presents for my family!  Thank you Mr. Nguyen!

Mr. Nguyen found a solution to my situation and put money in my pocket!

After being laid off from my job, I just couldn’t afford to be in this house anymore.  I was 3 months behind on my mortgage and was ready to give up.  Luckily, my daughter mentioned she knew a gentleman that buys houses.

I gave Mr. Nguyen a call and he came over and walked me through the buying process.  I told him that I just purchased the property 2 years ago and there’s very little equity in the house, since I got a FHA loan and only put down 3%.  I couldn’t list it on the MLS because I would have to bring money to the table.

Mr. Nguyen found a solution to my situation and put money in my pocket!

Thank you Mr. Nguyen!

Wow, I didn’t think selling a house could be so easy!

I gave Mr. Nguyen a call to see if he wanted to buy me house.  He was at my house the next day, walked the house,  and gave me an offer that I was happy with.  The process was pretty simple.  I felt bad that we couldn’t move out as fast as we were suppose to.  So he came by with a U-haul and his partner and helped us move!  He and his team went above and beyond what was expected.  =)

He offered me exactly what I asked for…

My name is Troy and I’m also real estate investor.  I had one too many projects going on and needed to free up some cash.  One morning, I was driving in Bedford and spotted a car with a magnet on the side of his car that read, “We Buy Houses Cash”.  I called the number and Tang answered the phone.  He agreed to come and look at the property after lunch.  He came by right after lunch, inspected the house and offered me exactly what I asked for.  We closed on the house 3 days later!  “Thanks for getting me out of a jam Tang!”

“I inherited a house from my parents… we closed in 9 days!”

I inherited a house from my parents.  I was thinking about renting the house out to make extra income, but the house was in pretty bad shape and I didn’t want to fix it.  I saw a billboard near me house that read, “Sell Us Your House” We buy AS-IS so I called the number and scheduled an appointment.

I met with Tang the next day.  We walked the property and he pointed out what needed to be done and repaired if I decided to keep it and rent it out instead of selling it him.   But I didn’t want to deal with it after looking at the extent of work that needed to be done.  I agreed with his cash price and we closed in 9 days.  

“I was skepticalWell… he proved me wrong.”

I was retiring in 2 weeks and needed my house sold fast.  I already purchased a small lake house and was ready to go and enjoy it.  Tang from Cash Offers Dalls said that he can close on this house before I retired.  I was skeptical.

Well… he proved me wrong.  He was a man of his words.  We closed on the house in 8 days!  

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