So Who Are The Odd Brothers?

The Odd Brothers are a Real Estate Investment Company, consisting of three families who have collaborated to offer better resources and services to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We are the most respected home-buying trio that the Dallas/Fort Worth has to offer

Tang Nguyen is the senior managing partner and founder of the Odd Brothers, alongside his gorgeous wife Anh.  Best known for his “subject-to” deals, he has been invited to speak at some of the most significant real estate events and talk shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Tang’s love for helping his local community plus his creative problem-solving skills are the perfect combination for his thriving enterprise. He and his wife currently reside in Keller, Texas, along with their incredible son and daughter, who are the drive and motivation to their business. It’s hard to imagine now, but they had very different paths for themselves before real estate

Kane Family Story – In 2006 Stacy and I got engaged and decided to move to Arizona from Illinois. We moved to Tucson, AZ for 8 months and transferred to Yuma, AZ where I met a real estate investor and first became interested in investing. He was also the first to introduce me to Rich Dad Poor Dad and other real estate gurus. In 2009 from Tucson we transferred to Grand Junction, CO where I started working for an oil field service company about 8 months after moving there. After natural gas prices fell off we transferred to Cheyenne, WY in the winter of 2014. Two years in the north pole was enough for us and we moved back south to Fort Worth, TX in Jan of 2016.

Fred Lopez- Client satisfaction has always been a part of Fred’s drive. While managing a service department for a local automotive dealer, he collaborated with his clients to provide the best possible options for their specific needs. This translated well into the real estate world. A native Fort Worthian, Fred began his real estate path as a landlord. That first step lead to a short career as Loan Originator. Through contacts made in the field, a new opportunity emerged. He found that his passion for helping those in need would be met more proficiently as a Real Estate Investor