Who Can Buy My Home With Cash In Dallas?

There are times when an investment into a property turns sour and you need to offload the loss, aka sell your house for cash, before it becomes a heavier financial sink. You’re looking for peace of mind by riding yourself of the property. This may have happened due to any number of events: Divorce Passing … Continued

How to Stay in Your Home After a Foreclosure in Dallas

If you’re facing a Dallas foreclosure or perhaps have already gone through one, it can be hard to know your next step. That’s why we put together this guide to help you understand what your options are and what you can do to stay in your house after you face a Dallas foreclosure. Always open … Continued

How Much Can You Get for Your House in Dallas?

Selling your house isn’t like setting up a garage sale. Just slapping any old price on it that “feels right” won’t work. And you really don’t want to get ripped off by any old buyer out there. You want a fair price. You want the best price you can get, sometimes cash payment is preferable … Continued

Need to Sell Your House Fast in Dallas? Here’s How to Do It

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Dallas right now? Not every homeowner has the time, energy, and resources to deal with a long selling process. There are also life circumstances such as divorce, pending foreclosure, or other financial hardships that make selling a home particularly burdensome. If this sounds like you, there … Continued

Home Repairs Before Selling in Dallas: What Do You Need to Do?

It can be hard to know exactly what home repairs before selling are needed. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top home repairs you need to make before selling order to get the biggest bang for your buck when you hit the bottom line. Home Repairs Before Selling 101 Before we get into … Continued

Understanding Dallas Foreclosures from Top to Bottom

Did you know that there were 1,706 Dallas foreclosures in November 2016? In fact, that same month in some Dallas zip codes, 1 in every 495 homes was in foreclosure. No one wants to foreclose on their home or property. However, when hit with unexpected calamities, like getting a divorce or losing a job, you may … Continued

Selling a Home Without an Agent in Dallas: Here’s how to Do It

Selling your home can be a nerve-wracking, stressful undertaking. That process becomes even more intimidating if you need to sell it quickly with as little fuss as possible, which means you’re likely looking at selling a home without an agent. Letting a realtor handle the sale of your home is a great convenience if you … Continued