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DIY, Gift Card, Referral Program

The Odd Brothers

We are the Odd Brothers and we do real estate.  Let us help you by getting a DIY Gift Card.  Help “Dad” out this year and say let’s move on!  We buy houses, let us buy yours and take the hassle of the unfinished repairs off your hands.


Ever found yourself wondering when you were going to complete that home project?  How about take a break and get a $1000 gift card and move on.


Does your home need repairs? …rather sell it?

  • enter your email to get the list of propertiesRefer yourself or a friend
  • Take a $1000 Gift Card instead of completing repairs
  • Referral program so you can help a friend
  • Ask about other placement properties.

Close on your home as fast as 10 days and get paid.

-The Odd Brothers


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