Selling Your Home in Plano, Texas Has Never Been Easier!


Hi! I’m Matt. Trusted real estate professional, dad & husband.

I’ve spent the past 12 years working with my team, buying homes right here in Plano, Texas. Our greatest joy is helping out local residents who have found themselves stuck owning a property they no longer want, need or can afford. We want to help you FIX your real estate problems right now!

Whatever your reason for selling, we have solutions for you that you may not have thought of previously. If you are going through a divorce, avoiding foreclosure, need to move or just want to sell for a fresh start… we will help you! Contacting us is simply the best choice you can make. 

I know you might be thinking, “that’s a pretty bold statement,” but let me tell you why.

I will give you OPTIONS! There is more than one way to sell your Plano home, and I will share all of those with you. Right now we are very interested in paying fair prices for Plano homes. But we are definitely not like the other guys.  The ones who promise you to “sell your home fast” or “get cash now!” NO. We do things differently.

As a licensed real estate broker, I can help you to fully analyze your property and what the market is doing. We will help you determine if selling now for a great cash offer is right for you, or if it would be best for you to explore other options. I will provide you with the MOST resources and options when it comes to selling your Plano home.

The amateur “investors” who want to buy your home for bottom dollar only want to make a quick buck off you and move on. They will get you to sign, then immediately sell the contract to an investment company. You are just a number to them and they will do and say whatever it takes to get the contract. Watch out for these kinds of places.

Our team is a bit different. We are locals ourselves. We take pride in our community and want to see the best for Plano homeowners. We will give you every OPTION when choosing to sell your home. And we will fully explain how each option will work FOR YOU!

Our offer, consultation and property review are all no-hassle, no-obligation. Meaning we just want to tell you what’s out there for you right now and let YOU decide what is best for you and your family.

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Selling Your Plano Home Has Never Been Easier!

Currently We Are Buying Homes Across Texas With A Special Emphasis on Plano. We Are Not Concerned With Condition, Price, Size or Time-frame. Meaning We Close On Your Schedule! Learn All About How We Do It By Clicking Here! We Want to Make You A Great Offer On Your Home Today!

Did you know there is more than one way to sell your home?

Selling direct has an enormous amount of perks. Here are a few things to consider:

  • When you choose to list your home, in order to get the price that is in your head, you will most likely need to pay for repairs and upgrades up front. There is usually some painting (both interior and exterior) that will need to be done as well.
  • You and your family will need to keep the house clean at all times in case of a showing. There might even be open house days where your home will be open to strangers most of the day
  • You will be bound to an agent for months at a time. Meaning if you find another way to sell your home, you will still have to pay them commission while under contract
  • Speaking of commissions… if the agent does sell your house, you will then be faced with commission payments, closing costs and agent fees.  (We don’t charge an of that, and will even pick up the closing costs.)
  • It can take months for a home to sell. Think of the strain that would put on you and your family. Not knowing if or when the house will sell.

Once you call us, we know right away how we can help you. 

There is no waiting for us to get a loan either.. we are ready to buy houses in Plano today!

Before you make a decision about what to do with your Plano home, the best thing you can do is call us to hear about your options. We will never oblige you nor hassle you with our offer. The decision is yours, one way or another and we absolutely respect that.

All we need from you if some brief information on your property and we will take care of the rest.  Within 24 hours we will present you with cash offers and outline for you what selling vs. listing will mean for you personally!

Also, if you choose to sell to us, we close on your terms!  That’s right, YOU PICK THE CLOSING DATE! If you want to move fast, we can do that… we are ready in 7 days. But the choice on when to close is completely up to you! (Learn more about our process by clicking here!)

Imagine… this time next week, the house you no longer want, can be sold and done with! And you will have money in your pocket to celebrate at Lockhart’s with a nice steak dinner.  🙂

Any house. Any timeframe. Any situation. 

Our goal is to make your life easier. Point blank… our mission is to help homeowners in the Plano area.

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